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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Quest for Personal Style Continues || Closet Clearout

Edit: This post was written before the new/better closet, so sometime last August?

I moved my "closet" (ie the clothing racks) into the spare room where Neil's closet and dresser are to try to make things in my house seem more cohesive. That is now the closet room for both of us, instead of things split up (my closet was in the bedroom). With moving everything in there, I found myself once again looking at each piece of clothing and deciding whether to keep it or not. Funny how EACH TIME I re-organize my closet, I find more things to toss (well, to add to my ever-growing Poshmark pile that I will get to eventually). I even went through my undies and socks and tossed a bunch of those things out as well.

I think this has been my most ruthless sorting, I managed to get rid of about thirty percent of my closet (that is a guestimate, when calculating ones wardrobe, do you include every tiny piece? Like every pair of socks and each bra??). There were a couple items that I didn't want to discard, but MiSu was being "helpful" and was playing hide and sneak in my chiffon maxi dress and snagged it, and my amazing navy blue eyelet skirt from Ann Taylor got ripped by a chair in the breakroom at my work. Fuck that chair.

Looking at what was left in my closet felt good! I feel like I'm finally making progress and figuring out what I actually like and what I actually wear. This clear out also made it super clear that I need to find more tops that I like to go with all these skirts and pants. And I really do. not. need. any. more. skinny. jeans. FULL STOP. (Edit: I totally bought another pair. What is wrong with me)

The next step I took was to look at the items that I never wear but love (supposedly) and try to find items that would make them wearable. I have this habit of buying interesting items, instead of basics, so then my closet is full of interesting items that never get worn... I looked at each trouble item and asked myself if I were to try to style it, what would I be reaching for? The hope was that there would be some crossover, and I could buy only a few things that would pull everything together!

The "need" list:
Tunic Length Tops (that aren't a shapeless sack)
Pale blue top
Pale pink top
Hot pink top
(Opaque) white or cream dressy tops
Black, pointy-toed but not too pointy booties or heels
Tan or brown pointy-toed but not too pointy booties or heels
Bras (nude and black)
Brown/Tan/Neutral handbag

The "want" list:
Cat-themed pullover sweaters
Skater dresses in all the prints
Cardigans in all the colors
Bait peep toe wedges in all the colors
Black Swing Coat
Purple Moto Jacket
Small earrings/studs
More striped "french" tees than you can shake a stick at
Hair accessories (clips/combs/bandanas)
Overly expensive bathing suit for no reason since I never go to the beach or swimming
Paper-bag pants
Coated skinny jeans
Christian Loubaton silver studded black wristlet. It has a cute shoe zipper pull! (the actual shoes look fierce but also fiercely uncomfortable)

As you can see, there is a "bit" of a difference between the two lists, ha. The want list will DEFINITELY not help fill in my wardrobe gaps, instead, it would just continue the problem. Also, see how I seem to want everything else instead of blouses?

Do you have a want vs need list for your closet? Is your want list as ridiculous as mine???