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Monday, November 18, 2019

What I Wore || Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

Last Friday of the month, so jean day!

I was trying to time my photos when my husband would be done upstairs and would be downstairs but he stayed upstairs because he kicked my hairdryer that was on the floor (and has been there off to the side for over a week now) and was needing attention. I was just like, what the heck is wrong with you! Stop stubbing your toes on things that aren't even in the way, and have been in the same location for days and days! (Yes, it shouldn't have been on the floor, but where am I supposed to put all this bathroom/linen closet shit until the bathroom remodel is done). I caught him just before he pulled his shorts all the way down.

Anyways, his toe is fine and I moved the hairdryer. Sheesh.
I was mostly looking forward for the following Monday, which I requested off, and was hoping will go more to plan than my birthday that I took off where I had to go to work to get my flu shot.

I. Need. A. Whole. Day. To. My. Fuck. Ing. Self.

My period was going to start soon and I could feel myself being a cranky ball. That evening, I was kinda falling asleep on the couch hoping Neil would go upstairs to sleep so I could just sleep on the couch and have a break from his snoring, but every time he got up, instead of going upstairs he went back on the couch to sleep. So close to 11 I was like, ok, guess he is sleeping down here I'll go upstairs. Then I wake up and he is in the bed! WTF DUDE. WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST STAY ON THE COUCH. 

See? Cranky shit-head wife.

The week at work was just a fucking week and I just wanted to be alone doing SOMETHING. ANYTHING.
(you can see the hairdryer cord by MiSu. Up and out of the way now)
Sweater || Collectif
Tank || Gap
Jeans || Express
Booties || Vince Camuto