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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

What I Wore || 40th Birthday

I know it's cliche to be all like man, where did the time go, but guys, WHERE DID THE TIME GO. FORTY??? Da fuq, how did that happen. I don't feel forty. I mean, except for those times I wake up and my knees or shoulder hurts all day from sleeping wrong. Or when I hang out with younger people, especially Zoomers. Is it just me or do the majority of their memes online just make. no. SENSE.

Also, the idea that there are MULTIPLE generations now younger than me and have names! I looked online to confirm the one after Millenials were called Zoomers but everything I saw called them iGen or Gen Z?? Is this me being An Old and not being "with it"... 

So yeah, this is forty.

I've been told by older friends that their 40s rocked so here's hoping I experience the same despite covid preventing all the fun from happening. 

I had to safety pin the bust because it was way too low cut and my gals didn't fill it in enough to keep it from getting baggy. So probably going into the Poshmark pile... I love everything else about the dress so I think I will keep lurking on that site until I see something else cute and on sale. 

Dress || Norma Kamali
Coat || (forgot to get a photo with it) ASOS
Shoes || BAIT footwear
Handbag || Kurt Geiger
Necklace || Wolf & Badger