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Monday, February 24, 2020

What I Wore || Just call me Mrs. Stick Legs

I had posted on my Instagram stories about hearing a comment behind my back as I was walking to my desk that my legs look like two sticks. My thighs are really not that much wider than my calves, and my calves are abysmally thin. I KNOW ALL OF THIS. And I have heard this comment, in various forms, behind my back (and sometimes not really behind my back) since I can remember hearing the first comment when I was in middle school during P.E. class.

It was at the beginning of the year before we were issued our uniforms, and I was standing on my "dot" for role call, wearing denim shorts, and black leggings with lacing at the ankles underneath the shorts, and probably some keds. I remember really liking my outfit when I put it on that morning. I heard two girls whispering behind me about my legs, and how thin they were, how weird they looked, and so on. The comments seemed to keep going and going and I just stood there feeling for the first time very self-conscience about my legs. I never wore that outfit to school again.

So for almost three decades, I still don't wear shorts in public. Except most recently in Florida, but both pairs of shorts looked more like short skirts, which still wasn't my favorite since most of my legs were exposed. I prefer skirts and dresses that reach at least my knees because it does mask my legs a bit so you can't tell how piddly they are at the top.

I'm not the only petite and thin person at work, but this is where my body shape is working "against" me. I am more legs than anything else, so it makes it just that more prominent. I was looking at the other thin girls, and they are more proportionate with their leg to torso ratio.
Now, is this going to make me not wear my skinny jeans to work again? Hell no! I love how this outfit looked :) Yes, I was feeling a bit blah after the comment but by the time the day ended and I was back home I was ok. So this was me pretending to try (because I honestly don't know how to do the exact pose) to do that show-horse Instagram pose girls do to show off these sexy sticks:
Blouse || Express
Jeans || Express
Booties || Vince Camuto
Earrings || 1928