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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Home Decor || Home Purchases From Amazon

Edit: This was written in 2017

We just recently got a fan installed in the downstairs bathroom, which has been great, but a little too late since all the metal items have gotten rusted from it being too humid in there. I would take a shower with the door open if my roommate wasn't there, but that wasn't possible most of the time.

Shower Curtain Rings

I bought a cheap set ($8) of plastic shower curtain rings off of Amazon to replace the super rusty metal ones. And really, even without the metal ones being rusty, the black ones look tons better. I'm very happy with this purchase. (Edit: After a year they are spotted from our hard water, I should take them down and clean them, but still a lot better than the metal ones)

Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

Another love!!! I don't know why so many of these have such intricate designs to them, it really did take me forever to find a plain, black one. This one also has a nice heft to it, which our previous one didn't have. AND, the other one had a weird felt underside, which got wet and gross, and this new one doesn't. I loved it so much, I bought another one for the upstairs bathroom. The only downside it since its black, it does show all the toilet paper dust and cat hair. But a quick wipe and its looking good! (edit: totally weird thing. I thought I bought this on Amazon, but it's nowhere to be found in any of my orders... And I didn't pin it so I have no clue where to go look! And there is no branding on it so... hope I don't ever need to buy it again)

Set of three pots

I found these originally on the Houzz website, but they wanted over $100 for them, and I was like, hmm, let me shop around. And I found them on Amazon for $40. And free shipping. Thanks, Amazon. They arrived in perfect shape, no damage, and were exactly what I'd thought they'd be like!!! Gosh, three purchases that I was delighted with??? I'm getting better at this. Or I've had a bit of luck. (Luck. It's totally luck.)