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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Travel || Boat Party at Antler Resort


Somehow I've turned into the "planner" for family events. I'm not sure how I obtained that role... I never planned any party for my family in my twenties, and I definitely avoided my birthday. My husband makes me do things for my birthday but if it was left up to me I wouldn't. But since buying this house, I have found that I actually like planning them! Just not my birthday, ha. Or other people's birthdays...

My dad was turning 70 this year, and that seemed like something significant enough to try to plan something special. He and his wife had mentioned a few times about the patio boats they saw on the lake during the summer and they thought would be a fun thing to do. Each time they mentioned it I was like yeah, sure, whatever (I do NOT like his wife so any thoughts of being confined on a boat in the middle of the water and no escape, heck no). Plus I'm not really a water person. Blasphemy to the stereotype of a Cali Girl, no? I can swim (but I'm not a strong swimmer), I just don't want to.

But when you are planning a party for someone else, it isn't about you, it's about them, and at least I knew for a fact something my dad would like to do! And as it turns out, renting the boat for the afternoon is dirt cheap.

I tried my best to get my siblings to agree to go, but since we all hate that woman, this was not an easy feat. In the end, I got Shane, and my two nephews to agree. Not the amount I wanted (more people would mean less one-on-one conversations with the wife!) but better than just me and Shane, ha.

My brother Shane is super easy to plan with, we just mesh well with our expectations and fairness. Right away he said he would use the car he bought our mom like last time we went to visit our grandma, would do the driving, and pay FOR HALF OF EVERYTHING. Dang brother, you are amazing. I told him just to pay for half of the hotel, I would pay for the food and boat since he would be doing the driving (and hopefully grilling). That counts for something!

Basically, we would be copying our game plan from our Weed trip, leave Friday night, stay at a hotel, wake up early go for a walk/hike (I would bring better shoes this time!!!), do the boat thing, but this time spend the night again, then head back to the bay on Sunday morning.

One thing I do like about planning an event, is well, the PLANNING. This involves lots and lots of lists. If you are me, anyway. So I did enjoy that. I planned for a menu that I would just need to do all of the prep at home, and pack securely with ice for our trip since it would need to be okay for a full day.
--Steak Kebabs (bought the pre-seasoned ones from Costco)
--Potato and Zucchini Kebabs (parboiled and tossed with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary)
--Fruit Kebabs (tossed with brown sugar)
--Pico de Gallo (my recipe here)
--Mini Icecreams
--Bourbon Arnold Palmer Cocktails (wish I made more)
--Soda (I bought mini Izze sodas, one because they are cute as hell, two, the apple one is amazing)

I figured eating everything that is almost bite-sized on sticks was the easiest thing to grill and eat on the boat. And I personally love those little icecreams, they are perfectly portioned, and come with their own spoons!

I also had a list of general items needed for the boat, like trash bags, paper towels, and hand sanitizer. I have never planned a camping trip or boat trip before, so I was a bit nervous that I wasn't thinking of everything or my general plan which made sense in my head, wouldn't actually make sense in the real world. I had to buy a cooler from Costco because the only one I had was this cute but tiny retroish one I bought on clearance from World Market. The one I bought was much more practical with the wheels and long handle. Hopefully, the size I bought was large enough!
And OF COURSE, I just had to make some road trip goodie bags for my companions, because I am just that extra.
Only ONE nephew ended up going, the other one forgot he had this plan, and went up to visit his dad the same weekend. Dang. So now it was just the three of us trekking up there.

And my younger sister SPOILED THE SURPRISE by texting our dad a few days before asking if he was excited for the party. WTH. She knew it was a secret! Gah. Girl you ain't even going, how you messing it up from a distance :(

The party went mostly ok, my brother and nephew are two peas in a pod, meaning there were some arguments. Like, very loud arguments. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN GUYS. Also, these losers didn't bring swimwear! Who the f doesn't bring swimsuits for an afternoon on a BOAT. So I had to text my dad's wife if they had any extras. And my dad is... a lot more European in his swimwear choices, ha. So they had some skimpy things to pick from ;)
And I found out the cooler I bought didn't have a LATCH (why???) so getting it down the steep embankment to the boat was a challenge. And we left it on the sunny side of the boat so all the ice cream melted. Other than that, I think everyone had a good enough time? My dad hadn't seen my nephew in years, so at least there was that! My dad's wife wasn't that annoying (I find that somehow, her in the water makes her tolerable!). I really wish I was able to get more family to go but my siblings suck.
And who can resist making a California real estate joke? Not this gal.

I highly recommend Antler Resort, the lake is beautiful, and the staff is friendly and helpful. It was very busy, and I can see why! Also, the guy that helped us with our boat turned out to be my dad's neighbor. It's a very small town :)
We went out for a late drink/snack later with them as well and saw this amazing Mad Max BBQ truck. My dad knows the guy (of course) and said he would be pleased that we were so enamored with it.

I'm probably going to plan something for my mom's 70th which will be in 2022, so wish me luck guys. That party will NOT be on a boat ;)