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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday Confessions || 3-18-2018


Musing from reading Becky's post today regarding young people: I have recently followed a bunch of people on Twitter after finding some accounts that are blogger specific and trying to "grow my brand" but the majority of them are in their early twenties and MY GOD ARE THEIR TWEETS ANNOYING AS SHIT.

--The words are English (ish) but they are put together in a way that I do not understand (this could also because they are mostly from the UK)
--Complaining about blogger drama
--Young moms acting like being a mom is the hardest thing ever. (I have "controversial" opinions about parenting, but according to their tweets as well, if you don't have kids you don't know what you are talking about. But really though, chill, it's not that hard. Well, unless you have like three or more than the question is like why)
--Insisting that blogging isn't about followers or numbers. Girls, you do know that some people blog for a LIVING so it IS ABOUT THE FOLLOWERS AND NUMBERS??? 
--Constant tweets about only X number away from X number of followers
--Most recently: saying that blogging is too middle class and gucci belts (um, we have different definitions of middle class)
--So many references to the Kardashians (why tho)
--Letting you know they will be posting a blog post within the next hour. Half hour. Fifteen minutes. How about you just post a link to the post once it's up??? Oh wait, you are going to do that too.

SO many more things but I'm getting annoyed just typing it. I AM AN OLD AND SO CRANKY.