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Monday, February 26, 2018

Body Shape | What The Hell

I've been watching videos on the YouTube channel by Justine Leconte for a few months now, she is super informative! Not sure how I came across her videos, but I'm glad I did. She has a great way of delivering information about clothing and fashion that is very interesting.

One video, in particular, led me to dig out my old measuring tape from my lingerie store days. She did a series on body shapes and how to dress for them which inspired me to figure out mine. And to be honest, if you would have asked me what I thought mine was before I measured and plugged in my numbers into various body shape calculators I found online, I would have said I was a petite/hourglass since my bust and hip measurements are so close to each other. But lo and behold, almost every other shape popped up instead of that. Huh.

My Measurements (if I managed to measure correctly):

Shoulders: 37
Bust: 31
Waist: 24
Hips: 33

I tried out three different body shape calculators, and each one gave me a DIFFERENT body shape. Two of the calculators asked for bust, waist, and hip, while the other one also asked for the shoulder measurements.

Calculator #1: Gave me an "Inverted Triangle"
Calculator #2: Gave me the "Triangle/Pear"
Calculator #3: Gave me "Rectangle/Banana/Straight"

Notice how none of them is an hourglass. So what the hell am I supposed to surmise from this? I mean, even if there is some user error in my original measurements, I put in the same numbers into each site. So I am actually less sure than I was before this exercise. But guess what? This is actually a reoccurring theme for me so I shouldn't be surprised.

Some OTHER things I thought I knew about my body:

•I thought I had green eyes. People (including an optometrist) tell me they are blue. Though to be fair, the optometrist did sound surprised about this once they looked at my eyes up close. I will still say that my eyes are GREEN.
•I think of myself as a brunette. I've been described on the same day as blonde or red-headed. I mean, I know that I dye my hair red sometimes, but red and blonde are very different, yes?

Making this list made me think about how often people actually comment on my body, which is a little weird if I think about it. I don't make a habit of talking to people about their hair and eyes. Except for my husband, when the light hits his eyes just the right way and I can actually see his pupil distinct from his iris. His eyes are such a dark brown they just look completely black most of the time. I remember the first time I saw them as brown and exclaimed as such, and he looked annoyed and said of course they are brown, what color did you think they were? I mean, I knew they were brown but it was so strange to see his eyes look brown! He said I was being racist (jokingly) and smugly said who's color blind now?

OTHER things people have said to me:

•I have great shoulders: cold shoulder/exposed shoulder type tops look good on me. (aw thanks, a positive one!)
•I disappear when I sit on the floor (a good portion of my length is in my legs)
•I would be considered very attractive in Korea: pale skin, "long" thin legs
•I have a lot of pink in my skin (could be because I'm always blushing. Curses)
•I am part of the "itty bitty titty committee" (people tell me strange things sometimes)
•I'm lucky to have boobs/cleavage
•I "hide" my boobs well (what)
•I have a big nose
•I have tiny ears (also mentioned to me by a doctor [wow, your ears are so tiny!] among other people)
•Lot's of negative comments regarding my legs: too thin, too white, chicken legs, skeleton looking, anorexic. Is it any wonder why I don't like wearing shorts?
•My mole on my chin is sexy. Told to me exactly once by an old Italian man at a bus stop.

Also, to be clear, I never ask people to comment on my body, all of these comments were freely given. Freely accepted is another story, ha.

So most of the comments I receive are about my legs or boobs. And very contradictory! Are they big or are they small! (Answer according to me: small but proportional to my body, answer according to my husband: just right. Aww). Which tells me that these are things that stand out the most about my physique, aside from the overall size and color, because I also get a lot of comments about that as well. But again, this doesn't really help me figure out my body shape. I think I'm going to just say I'm a banana, mostly because it's hilarious (in my mind) to say.

How about you guys, do you get a lot of unsolicited comments regarding your body? What's your body shape (do you even care)?